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A good countertop is a mainstay in any kitchen or bathroom.  Ideally, you want one big enough to accommodate all your work and stored items.  And it needs to be tough enough for the long haul – both resilient and maintainable. Of course, not only do countertops see a lot of functional use; they’re also highly visible.  In many ways countertops represent your room’s whole look.  Often the counter is the first thing to catch your eye when you enter a room.  Plus, much of your time will be spent standing in front of them while you’re there.  With such prominence in the room, your countertops will be something you definitely want done right!

We Offer Versatility

Custom Tile & Design Ltd. is committed to giving your countertop project both style and substance.  We can help you make a surface to suit your needs out of several possible materials, including:

  • Quartz
  • Granite
  • Marble

Our creative resources are at your disposal.  We’ll help you choose a material that looks great and fits the functionality you need.  Then we’ll go over potential designs to create a countertop that will make a good fit for your room.  We’ll take care of the installation and before you know it, you’ll have a new countertop that matches your usage needs and your room.

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