Marble Countertops

The Artist’s Choice

Sometimes what you really need to bring the look of a room together is a marble countertop.  Builders and sculptors have been using marble in their creations for centuries.  Marble is one material that’s rarely out of style, and it’s easy to see why!  You would be well-rewarded to consider it for your countertop if you’re looking for a material that is:

  • Bright and elegant
  • Timelessly attractive
  • Soft and cool

Marble is a bit more difficult to maintain in good condition, but it is well worth the extra effort.  For a lovely, classic solution, look no further.



Modern Adaptability

We at Custom Tile & Design Ltd. won’t be sculpting marble into statues, but we can make it look lovely in your home.  Closer to our art form, for instance, is a beautiful bathroom countertop.  If you come see us, we can show you samples and provide design advice that will help you envision exactly what you’re seeking.

When you’re ready, we can also see to the installation.  Trust our craftsmen to fully realize the potential of the design you selected.  When it’s finished, you’ll have a distinctive and stylish marble countertop to call your own. You might just wonder why you didn’t take a cue from the Greeks sooner.

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